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St. Aloysius Community Center had its beginning with the arrival of the Franciscan friars in 1992. Encouraged by Archbishop Vigneron, the Friars are dedicated to following Jesus by living and working among the poor through the community of St. Aloysius Parish.

We are situated in a widely diverse area of downtown Detroit. We work with all of the people in the neighborhood to

address needs of companionship, food, clothing, and emergency shelter. We also focus on the critical needs of the tenants of many low-income housing buildings in the area. Our parish nurse works to address  health and wholeness issues within our community-at-large. After the closing of our Community Center a few years ago, we are now attempting to provide all of these services in a smaller

fashion—on the streets and in the community housing areas. This ad gentes style of ministry means we are now more focused on going to the people, rather than them coming to us.

St. Aloysius is often called Everybody’s Church; so today we focus on taking the church to the people.

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Neighborhood Services Donation Gift Cards

So often we wonder what we can give to that special person who always says they do not need another gift. We all know them... They’re happy with what they have and do not need anything else.

St. Aloysius offers you an opportunity to make a donation to our Neighborhood Services in the name of that special someone.

Select the photograph you’d like on your card from the Donation Card Order Form, then send the completed form along with a check made out to St. Aloysius Neighborhood Services. We will produce a personalized gift card of your choice, indicating the amount you donated in their name and in honor of the event you want to celebrate for them.

Your gift will be used by the Neighborhood Services staff and volunteers of St. Aloysius in downtown Detroit to help the homeless and low income seniors in the community with food, water, coffee, seasonal clothing,companionship and referral services to those on the streets, plus they prepare and serve breakfast to seniors  five days a week in an atmosphere of love

A donation to the St. Aloysius Neighborhood Services in the amount of $________

has been made in your name in honor of your (Occasion) by (Your Name)

This gift will be used by the Neighborhood Services staff and volunteers of St. Aloysius in downtown Detroit to present to the homeless and low income seniors in the community.

St. Aloysius Neighborhood Services provides food, water, seasonal clothing, coffee, companionship, and referral services to those on the streets. They also prepare and serve breakfast five days a week to seniors in an atmosphere of friendliness and care, and deliver much needed groceries directly to the homes of low income seniors.

St. Aloysius Neighborhood Services changes lives to those who need to know God’s love so desperately. I hope that you will feel honored by this precious gift made in your name.

and care, as well as delivering groceries directly to the homes of low income seniors.

Each Donation Gift Card features a 5.3 x 3.7 inch photograph with Jesus’ command from the Gospel of John, 13:34, where He exhorts us to love one another as Jesus loves. The inside of each card is noted with the amount and your name, plus a note about the works of St. Aloysius Neighborhood Services.

These Donation Gift Cards help us to serve those who need it most, while providing an opportunity for you to express your love to that special person in honor of their special occasion or holiday.

Help us to help those in need. Get a Donation Gift Card today.

Help has many forms.

Money is just one way to help. If you have a talent, a trade, a passion, or  even some spare time to give, why not  volunteer today?


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